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Pain is a complex and emotional experience. 


Level Health deliver a fully-integrated and highly specialised physiotherapy service.  Working within GP practices prevents unnecessary delay and, as a result, we see all of our patients in a timely manner.

Collaborating with GPs fosters multidisciplinary communication and helps the patient through a smoother care journey. 


Our physiotherapy clinicians share our motivation of helping our patients; they are highly specialised and regularly attend intensive training programmes.


Through the use of medical tools such as the StartBack Questionnaire and cognitive and functional techniques, we help people pave a strategy towards individual goals and objectives. 


Treatment plans are focused on rehabilitation and are regularly reviewed to adapt to our patients' needs and goals.  At the end of a one-to-one treatment programme, we may recommend attendance of our in-house cardio or Pilates programmes.  These dynamic exercise groups help people take the gains from physiotherapy and apply them to living a healthy, happy, and more fulfilling life.


Our care is based on listening and understanding the person, as an individual, first; from how their pain has affected their function and quality of life, to exploring specific personal goals and setting a strategy which helps them become independent in the management of their own wellbeing, and ultimately, helping them to live the life they want. 


Persistent back pain, for example, can influence every aspect of a person’s function, quality of life, and their happiness.  As the causes of ongoing pain are multifaceted and very personal to each individual, we set to understand the roots of each patients' own pain.


Joint pain, stiffness, and reduced function from osteoarthritis are common symptoms affecting a growing number of people in the UK.  These symptoms can be improved through a greater understanding of the condition and the use of exercise, in order to reduce pain and enhance function.   


At Level Health, we use the Escape Pain Programme a rehabilitation plan for people with chronic joint pain that integrates simple education, self-management and coping strategies, with an individualised exercise regimen.

The programme is run from the GP Practices, as closely as possible to the community we serve.  GPs are invited to attend sessions and to become involved in all aspects of the patient’s journey.  


Working closely with GPs and patients, we are able to set shared objectives and help each person achieve the best possible results.  


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