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Innovation and Learning

We believe that innovation is most effective when based on sound research and evidence-based practice.  


Successful research constitutes the basis of our pilot programmes, demonstrating that positive outcomes are achievable in practice.


The results from seeing a Physiotherapist as the first point of contact, are improved outcomes for patients, reduction of wait times, but also reduction of referrals to NHS Secondary Care.


Specialist research shapes the way we operate, allowing our services to be delivered from a place of deep understanding of the patients’ journey and NHS processes.


We advance this understanding by building close relationships with all stakeholders, listening to complexities of problems faced by each group and by creating innovative solutions addressed to each. 


Our Clinical Specialist ESP programme is available to new members of our team, helping them to accelerate their development as a Physiotherapist.  Ongoing clinical supervision and online interactive learning programmes ensure that learning and professional development is consistent.


We provide face-to-face training and workshops to – amongst others - GPs and Nurse Practitioners, contributing to the development programmes for GP Registrars during their training.


We share our working knowledge of specialist services with all partners to improve quality of referrals and reduce referrals time, developing a culture of learning and ongoing improvement to achieve better outcomes for our patients.


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