Our Team
Mo Alvi, Founder and MD

Mo is the Founder and Managing Director of Level Health.  His clinical experience has helped to shape his vision of ensuring that quality healthcare is delivered within the public healthcare model.


His attitude to service delivery and design is underpinned with an awareness of the complexities of being human.  In line with this, he continues to redefine the methodology of how healthcare services are designed and implemented.  This has been most evident in his work with CCGs in East Kent where he works as a consultant in the successful redesign and mobilisation of a fully integrated MSK pathway.  He is a participant in the Health Innovation Network and regularly speaks at conferences about his vision of how to successfully construct healthcare systems that are integrated in Primary Care and specific to the individual needs of our communities.       


Mo enjoys exploring new cultures and once spent a week living in a Zen monastery in Japan.

Kabir Ali, Finance Director

Kabir joined Level Health in 2018.  As an accountant and tax advisor since 2006, he has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from FTSE 100 companies to small businesses.


His role involves financial reporting, financial planning and the growth of the finance department at Level Health.  Kabir ensures that we are able to meet our goals and invest in innovation and growth.


Kabir has attended a gathering with the Dalai Lama in India and organises his local neighbourhood watch in East London.

Anna Verre, Brand & Communications

Anna has 10 years' experience of managing creative projects, from insights research to delivery, and has a strong background in strategic branding through multi-channel campaigns.

She has worked with some of the most famous branding agencies, such as FITCH, where she helped to establish, develop and drive a broad range of clients, including Dell, Google, Unilever, Mars, Indigo Hotels, Molton Brown and Saudi Telecom, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


In 2017, after a year of travelling, Anna founded the first nomadic branding consultancy and has since worked with challenger brands and market disruptors.

She has a dog named Gianmaria with whom she enjoys long walks in Shore Woods Park. 

Alex Relton,  MSK Operations Manager

Alex is the MSK Operations Manager at Level Health.   As a trained physiotherapist, he manages our physiotherapy team and oversees the effective delivery of our services to our partners.  Being part of the Level Health team from the beginning, Alex has in-depth knowledge of the organisation.  


He is proficient at spotting talent and works tirelessly to harmonise the attributes of our team to ensure that we hold true to our culture of innovative and quality healthcare.  As a result, we have a motivated team with the breadth and depth in experience to ensure that we deliver a service which is smooth, efficient, and meets the expectations of our stakeholders and patients. 


Alex enjoys taking time to explore the great outdoors and he can often be found hiking in the beautiful countryside around Kent.



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