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The Level Health Academy



As part of the Level Health Academy, our 2 year intensive training programme for newly-qualified Junior Physiotherapists, you will work alongside our established, talented and dedicated team of Senior and Junior Physiotherapists.  Our Graduate Training syllabus contains seven core modules that addresses physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.    



We invest in our trainees and put our time, dedication and energy into seeing you flourish throughout your journey.  You will work closely with your assigned mentor who will ensure that your development throughout the programme is challenging, engaging and drives you to reach your highest potential.



We’ll teach you how to navigate and understand the complexities of the healthcare sector, to explore and develop your ideas and bring the most inspiring ones to life.  We’ll guide you to make informed decisions that make a difference to your career.


Our approach to healthcare relies on a blend of clinical excellence and your creative expression.  We need you to be curious, to have exceptional problem-solving skills and to connect with your patients and colleagues.


If you aspire to positively impact others' lives, are looking to develop yourself personally and professionally and are interested in accelerating your career within an exciting organisation, please contact us at 


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Level Health (UK) Ltd.                137 Millais Road, London,     

E11 4EZ

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