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Triage and MSK

Level Health have designed a fully-integrated ‘in-house’ MSK Triage Pathway that has demonstrated significant cost savings to the NHS.  Canterbury and Coastal CCG have been one of the early adopters, procuring our triage model in their own MSK Triage specification.


Our model fully integrates a high-quality physiotherapy service with an in-house MSK Triage service, all delivered by Extended Scope Practitioners from within the GP practices.  The use of shared record keeping improves the patient journey, whilst operating within the patients’ locality.  The result has been hugely successful and has demonstrated a significant reduction of referrals to orthopaedics without compromising on quality, care and patient satisfaction.   


The Pathway implements the StartBack screening tool and helps patients with persistent back pain to receive specialised care with a bio-psychosocial approach.  The integrated nature of the service means that GPs receive ‘real time’ feedback about their patients and become more involved in the patient journey.  This is combined with MSK teaching sessions for GPs and Nurse Practitioners, resulting in a collective up-skilling of the team. 

The entire Primary Care team share responsibility and hold accountability in helping the ‘right person get to the right place at the right time’.        


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