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General Practitioners

Our ability to innovate and provide quality services is only possible due to the support we receive from our GP partners.


The partnership is strong because it is based both on our desire to innovate and our deep understanding of the challenges GPs encounter when delivering quality services in a demanding environment.


Level Health assist GPs in the reduction of waiting lists for specialist treatment and by providing consultations in urgent care clinics.


We recognise the efforts GPs and clinicians make to ensure their work is effective and empathetic and we ask that they partner with us to make sure that the best level of care is always within reach.


An example of partnership and integration, we are proud of the work we have developed with GP practices within the Canterbury and Coastal region. 


Within the GP practices, our MSK model fully integrates a high-quality Physiotherapy service with an in-house MSK triage service.

The use of shared record keeps improving the patient journey while reducing time pressures on the practice and ultimately, improving the level of care for the patients.  


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